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Are You Utilizing Your Greatest Marketing Tool?

by PDA | Marketing Group

As a practicing dentist, you know that great patients refer great patients. In your experience, you also know that one great patient is better than any number of… we’ll just call them not-so-great patients. Your best patients are truly tremendous assets.

It makes sense that people tend to trust the opinions of their friends, family and community members more than they trust paid advertisements – especially when it comes to something as important as healthcare. Think about it – would you rather find a random dentist online, or go see your friend’s dentist who has taken great care of them? Instead of wasting time and money on marketing to patients you don’t want, let us help you tap into your greatest resource – your existing patient base, or as we like to call them, your “raving fans”.

So what makes a great patient?

  1. They are easy to communicate with.
  2. They maintain their regular cleanings and checkups.
  3. They are receptive to your diagnostics and treatment plans.
  4. They are willing to do whatever it takes to be healthy.
  5. They tell their friends and family to come see you.

So you know what type of patient you prefer and are trying to attract, but where are these patients and how do you get them into your practice? Hint: they are the friends, family, and neighbors of the great patients you already have. Your most powerful marketing tool is already sitting in your chair!

Do you have an existing referral program?

According to market research, patients rarely make referrals without an active referral program – only about 3-5%. Pre-packaged “care to share” type programs are considered boring and outdated by today’s standards, and tend to fall flat. If you have an existing referral program (and are consistanly using it), that’s awesome! You understand the power of referrals for attracting an ideal patient base.

But…Is it working?

At PDA | Marketing Group, we have a tried and true formula for determining if you are getting a good return on new patient referrals. Simply use the attached form and enter:

  1. Number of hygiene appointments per month.
  2. How many new patients you are receiving through referrals per month.

By dividing the number of hygiene appointments by the number of referrals received per month, we are able to get a good look at how well your referral program is working… or not working. If your outcome is less than 10%, you are not utilizing the power of referrals to their true potential. The good news is, our team at PDA | Marketing Group is here to help!

Raving Fan Program

At PDA | Marketing Group, we know how to get your raving fans fired up in a fun, measurable way that engages both your team and your patients. Thanking your patients for placing their trust in you and offering an incentive (depending on your state practice act) for their recommendation is an essential part of any successful referral program. Our referral program has proven to be one of our most beneficial in terms of immediate and long-term impact.

Quality internal marketing campaigns depend on two things: team buy-in and compelling designs and offers. We will not only create beautiful, custom material including referral cards and counter displays, but we will extensively train your team to consistently – and comfortably – ask patients to refer their friends and family. We know it can be awkward to ask patients for referrals, but with our tried and true formula it will become second nature and you will quickly start to see the results pay off as you grow your dental family.

Here’s what one of our doctors had to say about his success with our Raving Fan program:

“It was getting frustrating doing the same thing every year and not growing.  The great thing about Productive Dentist Academy is that there are so many resources that they have available.  One of the most exciting things that we’ve done with the PDA | Marketing Group is a patient appreciation program.  That has actually doubled my new patients just by doing that program.  Thank you, PDA!”

– Dr. Jason Montgomery

If you have any questions about our referral program or how to grow your practice with a patient base of raving fans, we would love to speak with you. We’ll take a look under the hood of your practice to help you develop a personalized plan to suit your needs.

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