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Lights, Camera, Action!: Video Marketing in the Dental Industry

by PDA | Marketing Group

In our fast-paced world, entrepreneurs must adapt with changing trends to stay relevant—this includes dentists.

In fact, video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Videos can be a wonderful marketing tool for helping patients connect with you before they even meet you. Ninety percent of customers report that videos help them make purchasing decisions. Videos allow potential patients to see you talk and feel like they know you before they ever walk through your doors. Videos are also great reminders to existing patients why they’ve entrusted you with their dental needs.

In My Fillings

One very timely example of the power of videos is the viral phenomenon that just swept the nation: Dr. Rich Constantine’s “In My Feelings” video. If you haven’t seen it, click here to view! With a simple smart phone video posted to his practice’s Facebook page, Dr. Constantine’s take on a fun internet challenge earned him over 43 million views. Wow! Now, we can’t promise your video will go viral like Dr. Constantine’s, but in a video that cost him nothing but his time, Dr. Constantine got his name out there and let potential patients see the human side of dentistry.

But That’s Not Me

You want to take advantage of the power of video. But it’s just not you. You hate being in front of the camera and you need help. It’s not uncommon for people to react with horror when we recommend using videos as a marketing tool. A lot of people don’t like the idea of being on camera and many are even afraid of being recorded. One good thing to remember is you can always do a second (or third or fourth) take.

DIY Video

You can do video in two ways, professionally and on your own. DIY videos are awesome for social media. And they’re generally very inexpensive. Your team can help with recording, and short snippets allow you to give your social media following frequent little glimpses into who you are and what kind of service they can expect from your practice.

Stand Out from the Crowd

For those offices who really want to stand out, professional video services are the way to go. Professional videos can be very important for giving your office a polished presentation as the quality of the content you put out reflects directly on your practice. Also, if you’re trying to differentiate yourself from the corporate crowd, videos help you showcase your personality and the benefits offered by your practice. Most patients don’t know one dentist from the next, so a professionally-shot video makes you stand out. Patients who see a sleek, professional video will know you invested in that high-quality video which reflects on your success as a doctor and the high quality of service they will get from your office.

Professional dental videos often include real patient testimonials. These are incredibly valuable to you. Potential patients place a very high value on testimonials from your current satisfied patients.  What can be even more powerful is if the patients on video are well known in your community—for example the mayor, a local celebrity, or prominent business owner.

Another benefit of professional videos is a production company can bring a fresh perspective to the table as well as knowledge of current trends and techniques. Just as you are the expert in dentistry, professional videography companies are really good at what they do—making their customers (you) look fantastic.

One of the services PDA | Marketing Group offers are Video Packages for professional filming and editing that can be used across all of your marketing campaigns. Dr. Nikki Green is a client of ours in a fairly competitive market in the Fort Worth, TX area, so we recommended our Video Package to allow her practice to shine and stand out from the competition—and that it did. Check out her incredible video below.

Professional videos are also great for your website and landing pages. In fact, embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%. And as was mentioned in our Proper Company Promotion blog post, Google looks very favorably on websites with video. So, professional videos on your website give you the added benefit of showing Google that you’re relevant and deserve to be at the top of search results.

It’s Time to Be Different

We want to help you attract quality patients and achieve your personal and professional goals, so contact us at PDA | Marketing Group today if you’re interested in learning more or would like to take advantage of a Complimentary Marketing Assessment! Fill out the form below or call (888) 603-2809.

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