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What is Pay Per Click?

by PDA | Marketing Group

Pay Per Click

If your answer is “a little metal thing that holds papers together”…you’re wrong. Funny, but wrong.

Who even uses paper anymore, honestly? Today, we use the internet for everything from socializing to playing games to shopping and watching movies. When it comes to modern media, and especially when it comes to marketing, the internet is king. New research shows that 21% of Americans are online “almost constantly.” One of the primary principals of marketing is to target your audience where they spend their time. Today, where they spend their time is online.

Pay Per Click, commonly referred to as PPC, is on online advertising model where a company will place an ad on another company’s website (usually a search engine or social network) and will pay a certain amount of money to the host site each time that ad is clicked on. Google and Facebook are two of the biggest sites that use a PPC model for advertising. Pay Per Click is a great way to maximize your ROI because essentially you only pay when your ads are working. This prevents the advertising company from having to pay a large fee upfront for ad campaigns that may not even generate any results.

The great thing about PPC advertising is that it works well for all of the parties involved.

  1. It’s great for advertisers because it allows users searching for your specific services to see your ads at the top of their Google search results. Facebook ads are not as good for targeting specific services or keywords because people don’t generally use Facebook to search for things like that. Facebook can be valuable, however, for targeting the very specific demographic of patient you are wishing to attract. If your target demographic is busy moms and families in your area, guess who’s going to see your ad in their Newsfeed? Better warm up the minivan!
  2. It’s great for searchers because all the ads fit the need for what they were searching for. Research shows that web users click on paid ads more often than any other form of digital advertising. This means that people don’t really mind being advertised to, as long as the ads are relevant to what they are looking for. Whether or not you paid for that ad is irrelevant. Google has developed a fine-tuned formula for ensuring Pay Per Click ads meet the user’s needs for what they are searching for.
  3. It’s great for search engines because it kills two birds with one stone. Google ads benefit their searchers who comprise their user base, while simultaneously benefiting the advertisers who provide their revenue stream. Pay Per Click advertising provides relevant search results while offering a highly targeted advertising channel that pays the bills. It’s a win win win! Pay Per Click for everybody!

At PDA | Marketing Group, Pay Per Click is one of our most successful programs. Whether you just want more new patients or are hoping to market specific services like dental implants or Invisalign®, Pay Per Click can help you achieve your goals by putting your ads in front of the patients you are looking for, and the patients who are looking for you.

Pay Per Click with PDA includes creation and management of ads, as well as a custom landing page with a unique tracking phone number. This allows us to track and analyze your results at every step of the ad funnel from impressions, to clicks, to form fills to phone calls. We can see exactly how your campaign is performing at every level, and make tweaks and edits to increase your ROI at no additional cost to you.

If you’d like to learn more about how Pay Per Click can help you attract new patients and grow your practice, contact us at PDA | Marketing Group today!

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