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After countless “deaths” and “resurrections” direct mail is still alive and kicking.

For many businesses and nonprofit organizations, traditional snail mail remains an integral part of their marketing strategy. And that’s probably not going to change anytime soon.

Direct mail is an interesting animal, because it carries the stigma of not being effective, and even counter-intuitive. While it may seem ineffective, we have seen our dentists experience MASSIVE success with it. The reason direct mail receives the reputation for not working is because of time.

It takes several months for a direct mail campaign to heat up and kick in. But once it does – the results are astounding. And when we say astounding, we mean results like Dr. Mann out of New Hampshire who received a $50,000 case from a direct mail piece. Our dental experts help you evaluate if direct mail is right for:

  • Your neighborhood
  • Your desired audience
  • Your budget
  • Your goals

Graphic Design & Content Creation

Asking just anyone to craft your ad and message often leads to disappointment and a lack of brand excellence. Our team staffs award-winning graphic designers and content creators to go beyond the standard advertising to focus in on your target audience to attract the right kind of patients to your practice.

Great results begin with great design! Our team works with you to bring brand consistency to all your marketing campaigns. Direct mail design includes:

  • Graphic elements that compliment your brand
  • Targeted offers to trigger the right response
  • Mail list design to attract the appropriate demographic
  • Call tracking to measure response

Deployment & Tracking

Once design is complete you’ll receive a schedule of drop dates. Each month we’ll deploy a minimum of 5000 mailers to targeted households. Depending on the competitiveness of your area, larger quantities may be needed to gain the desired outcome.

Direct mail deployment goes far beyond print and ship. By attaching promotional phone numbers, our team listens to calls, monitors conversion rates, and provides your team with valuable insight to boost revenues. We recommend My Dentist Calls for call tracking numbers; you can add this feature to any PDA | Marketing Group campaign.

Why once is not enough

PDA | Marketing Group understands the ins and outs of direct mail. We know it works, but it doesn’t always get the instant gratification you may be hoping for. That’s because creating an impact through direct mail takes time. The success of your program will increase exponentially with each time you reach a household. In fact, according to Target Marketing magazine:

“Direct mail has the highest rate of success in new customer acquisition at 34% compared with other marketing channels.”

Monitor & Make Changes

Your campaign plan includes the opportunity to revise text, design, or offers every 6 months to continue boosting your returns. That’s right, you heard us, EVERY 6 MONTHS! This is an amazing opportunity to fine-tune your messaging until it gets the results you want, at no additional charge. We work with you to optimize returns. Our first-year target for direct mail is 1:1 ROI.

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PDA | Marketing Group has been providing quality marketing services, coaches and team training since 2004. We know the dental industry, we know marketing, and we know how to expand your practice today.

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