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Marketing for the Digital Age

In today’s world of rapidly and exponentially advancing technology, it can be tough for even the most tech-savvy of us to keep up.

Not to mention you’ve got better things to do, like take great care of your patients, than worry about your website and post updates on social media. However, today, digital marketing is more important than ever. Did you know that more people own cell phones today than own toothbrushes? Scary, but true. Take the stress out of digital marketing, and let our award-winning web team bring you the patients you want.


The Last Dental Website You’ll Ever Need

Did you design your website early in your career and are wondering what to do now that it’s out of date? It may have been time consuming and less than enjoyable the first time around – the stories of dentists struggling with their websites are copious. Our award-winning dental website platform, ForeverSites™, is focused on taking the pain and tedium out of website design, development, maintenance, and financial pay structure.

Dental practices that use ForeverSites™ enjoy an immediate refresh of their website and technology without a costly upfront build fee, and continue to receive great service and updates as technology shifts with the times. Think about NEVER having to design a website again, because the one you have updates in real time with top notch SEO and patient referral strategies.


Online Reputation Management

Everyone has an opinion. And with social media, review sites, Facebook and Twitter, your patients’ experience in your practice is visible for all to see.

Every dental practice in the nation is listed on more than 250 directories – all without your knowledge or input. Errors in street address, phone number or website URL could be costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue each month.

Our digital media team not only monitors your reputation, they actively fix it to make sure your most authentic information is online. Protecting your online identity is paramount in increasing your online search results.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Aside from the fact that advertising online is the only way to keep up with the market and cultural shift from print to web-based media, online advertising can be more easily targeted to the specific demographic of customers you want to attract, and you can choose a budget that works for you.

Your PPC campaign – Facebook Ads and/or Google AdWords – not only includes creation and initiation of ads, but also monthly maintenance to ensure your ads are performing. Each quarter we’ll send a progress report showing how many Impressions (views), Clicks, Click Through Rate (clicks: views ratio), calls and form fills you’ve had that month from the campaign.

Your Quality Score determines the cost and effectiveness of your campaign, and depends on several factors, including your historical AdWords account performance. So don’t be surprised if your ads aren’t performing well at first, it can take a few months to establish a good Quality Score. Google rewards those who invest over a longer period of time. We guarantee high quality ads, and a custom landing page (if you have a Foreversite with us) containing relevant content. Success of the campaign will depend on the length of the campaign, quality of the content, targeting, and budget.

Targeted Pay Per Click advertising helps you attract the patients you want by targeting them where they spend most of their time – online and on social media.

Social Media & Reviews

Did you activate social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube early in your career, only to let them fall by the wayside as practicing dentistry took the front seat? It is a common problem – you aren’t alone!

Dentists do not often see the return on investment of their time when posting status updates, photos, and videos. And they are right. While it’s important to have a hand on your brand, you need a team to help you in creating and maintaining your online presence. We offer two ways to help you optimize and streamline your social media presence so you can be more efficient:

  1. Do it For Me: Ideal for dental practices that lack a marketing coordinator or front desk administrator, PDA | Marketing Group targets the ideal patient base with monthly content that’s original and engaging.
  2. Do it With Me: PDA | Marketing Group partners exclusively with My Social Practice, the industry leader in providing easy and effective social media marketing for dentists and orthodontists. This package provides customizable templates aimed at increasing fan engagement, conversion, and community presence on a daily basis.

5 Star Review Program

Google, and potential patients alike, love reviews. Think about it – do you do or buy anything anymore without looking up reviews on Google first? We didn’t think so, but it can be difficult to get your patients to actually give them, even if they are satisfied with your service. Enter our 5 Star Review Program. This intuitive tech solution makes it easy for patients to submit a review simply by sending a text from their phone after their visit. This program includes integration into your website, and team training in how to ask patients to participate. 5 star reviews are pure Google GOLD!

Custom Blogging

Your blog is a special area of content on your website that will help you communicate with, educate, entertain, and engage your patients, and is necessary for a strong SEO presence in the search engines. Your blog is a great way to showcase the personality of you, your team and your practice. Custom blogs are an important service that PDA | Marketing Group provides and maintains for you with our team of creative writers and content experts with minimal time investment from you. So unless you are the next budding Hemingway, partner with our team to tell your ongoing story to your local community so that your website and dental practice stand out from the crowd.

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