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Harness the power of marketing to grow your practice.

Have you established a solid patient base of about 1200+ patients? Do you still enjoy practicing dentistry, but feel like you have hit a plateau? A mid-career doctor typically spends about 1% of total collections on marketing. You SHOULD be spending 5-8% if you want to be successful and maximize your return on investment. if you want to be successful. If your daily practice is starting to feel stale, and you’re ready to take your practice to the next level, it means you’re ready to work with an agency experienced with those goals in mind.

Get Your
Team on Board

So your phone is ringing, does your team know how to close the deal and schedule treatment? Team training is essential.

Over Quantity

1,000 free teeth whitenings doesn’t do anyone any good. Schedule the treatments you want to schedule.

Get Results…
Like NOW!

Our team knows how to convert clicks into phone calls, and phone calls into new patients. Real results you can see.

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We want to help you increase productivity…

And decrease stress!

PDA | Marketing Group has helped thousands of dentists increase productivity while decreasing stress since 2004. Understanding the three-legged stool in dental practices – the dentist, the team, and the patient – we take a laser-focused approach to dental marketing as opposed to a shotgun blast. Marketing with this level of attention to detail and intent saves you thousands of dollars in time and unnecessary marketing tool deployment. With the power of comprehensive, in-depth demographics research, we make specific recommendations based on the market you’re in, your practice culture and service mix, as well as your goals and budget.

  1. Research & Planning. The most overlooked critical step to success.
  2. Internal Systems. Prepare your practice for growth.
  3. Media Tools. Spread the word to your community.
  4. Integration. Manage the success of your programs.

Satisfy. Share. Reward.

Raving Fans Referral Program
Take Advantage of Your Greatest Asset

Your happy patients are one of your greatest marketing tools. Word of mouth works – people trust their friends and family. Our Referral Program is one of our most successful. Reward patients for spreading the word, and let your value communicate itself.

  • Tap into your greatest resource
  • Let your patients work for you
  • Focus more on patient care

Target. Capture. Schedule.

Pay Per Click
Targeted Advertising Puts You in Control

Online advertisements specifically targeted at the patients you want to attract is like shooting fish in a barrel. Whether you want to highlight specific services and special offers, or attract a certain demographic, Pay Per Click gets real results.

  • Reach the patients you want
  • Track the success of your campaigns
  • Make your dollars count

Infiltrate. Saturate. Capture.

Targeted Direct Mail
Attracts the Patients You Want

Don’t waste your money sending mailers to patients you don’t even want. Target specific households with special offers on the valuable services they need, and capture the segment of the market you want to attract.

  • Communicate your value
  • Attract the right kind of new patients
  • Provide value to make them patients for life

Communicate. Entertain. Engage.

Multi-Media Video
Content That Gets People Talking

Multi-media video content is one of the best ways to increase online engagement, and get your site ranking on the top of Google. We typically recommend our premium multi-media campaigns to doctors bringing in 80k/month in collections, or more.

  • Practice overview
  • Patient testimonials
  • Frequently asked questions

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