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Owning your own dental practice is an adventure similar to the excitement of beginning your career as a dentist. Both are filled with day-to-day decisions. It’s a roller coaster of thrills that’s a little scary at the same time. A new, young doctor typically spends about $40,000 on marketing within the first year. During this early phase in your career, how you manage your finances and how you position yourself in the market are some of the most critical factors to ensure your success.

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Don’t waste your money on marketing efforts that don’t deliver results. We know how to get quality patients in your chairs.

Over Quantity

It’s not just about attracting patients…it’s about attracting the right kind of life-long patients for your practice.

With Your Community

Getting involved in your community is essential in developing meaningful relationships with patients who share your values.

We want to help you define success…
And then achieve it!

PDA | Marketing Group develops innovative programs using time-tested strategies with relevant marketing tools to help your dental practice communicate its level of distinction among other practices in your community. With the power of comprehensive, in-depth demographics research, we make specific recommendations based on the market you’re in, your practice culture and service mix, as well as your goals and budget.

  1. Research & Planning. The most overlooked critical step to success.
  2. Internal Systems. Prepare your practice for growth.
  3. Media Tools. Spread the word to your community.
  4. Integration. Manage the success of your programs.

Research. Plan. Execute.
Comprehensive Demographics Research
Connects You to Potential Patients

Learn what kind of patients live in your community. How old are they, how much money do they make, and where do they spend it? In-depth demographics research is essential in developing a successful marketing plan.

  • Get to know your patients
  • Establish your target demographic
  • Adopt a set of values that will attract them

Presence. Reputation. Value.
Web as a Service Not a Product
Ensures You Never Go Stale

Building a strong, consistent online presence is essential for any successful practice. Our team of web designers, copywriters, SEO and social media specialists work hard to ensure your online practice never goes stale.

  • ForeverSites™ is the last dental website you’ll ever need
  • Pay Per Click gets the phone ringing
  • Custom Content your patients (and Google) will love

Target. Saturate. Capture.
Targeted Direct Mail
Attracts the Patients You Want

Don’t waste your money sending mailers to patients you don’t even want. Target specific households with special offers on the valuable services they need, and capture the segment of the market you want to attract.

  • Let the community know you’re open for business
  • Attract the right kind of new patients
  • Provide value to make them patients for life

Content. Design. Support.
Tried & True Strategies
Create Successful Tools & Tactics

Our award-winning marketing team of dental industry experts provides custom content, stunning design, and strategic targeting to deliver real results. We know how to turn clicks into phone calls, and phone calls into quality patients.

  • Focus more on your patients
  • Manage your team effectively
  • Marketing without the stress

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PDA | Marketing Group has been providing quality marketing services, coaches and team training since 2004.
We know the dental industry, we know marketing, and we know how to grow your practice today.

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Case Study
Dr. Johnny Shanks

Northside Family Dentistry

“The best part of being a dentist and practice owner is that I get to choose who I surround myself with. This includes my dental team, as well as advisors. PDA is a great addition for us. They help us stretch and grow with integrity. Having PDA Marketing Group fully integrated with PDA Business Development Coaching cuts out wasted time trying to explain goals to several companies. We dominate the internet, and at one point even had to turn OFF our Pay Per Click campaign because we had too many new patients.”
– Dr Shanks

Services PDA | Marketing Group Provides:

  • ForeverSitesTM website
  • Marketing Coaching
  • Billboards
  • Direct Mail
  • Pay Per Click
  • Video Production
  • Radio
  • Marketing Tracking
  • Social Media Support

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